Added Value


Red Hook Farmer's Market

From June to October, the Farmers Market is open every Saturday, 10:00 am to 3 pm, at the Red Hook Community Farm. It is designed to help invigorate social interaction in the neighborhood while increasing low-income residents’ access to healthy foods and providing neighborhood teens with real-life job training. In addition to cash sales and FMNP coupons, we utilize a cellular EBT device allowing customers to use federal benefits and credit cards throughout the Market, increasing access for residents and expanding the client base for regional farmers. The Market features regional fruit and vegetable vendors and pasture-raised poultry and eggs. Profits from our sale of produce are cycled back into the program to support stipends for our youth participants.

In eight years this Market has generated more than $200,000 in sales for Upstate Farmers, and $40,000 in donations of foodstuffs to those in need. Equally as important, the Market provides job experience for neighborhood teens while improving community food security. In recognition of our work, Added Value received the 2004 Eat Well and Play Hard Award of Excellence from the New York State Department of Health.