Columbia Street Farm*

 560 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Formerly a concrete baseball field, Red Hook Community Farm was established in 2001 and is now a thriving 2.75 acre production and compost site that supplies our Farmers Market and CSA.  Two feet of rich compost nourishes a variety of crops, which in turn create a diverse environment for microorganisms, insects, and other animals.  We grow all our produce organically, and employ sustainable farming practices.  Last year we grew over 20,000 pounds of produce!

Accessibility: the compost area, farmers market site, community tent, and central farm path are wheelchair accessible.  There is a port-o-potty on site, which is not accessible.  Accessible bathrooms are available at Ikea, across the street.

Wolcott Street Farm*

     30 Wolcott Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Our newest farm site, the 1.1 acre education farm at Red Hook Houses West was built in 2013 through a collaboration with the Mayor's Office and the NYC Housing Authority - the first farm site ever on NYCHA property!  Added Value has teamed up with Green City Force to maintain the farm and engage residents in urban food production and healthy eating.

Accessibility: all paths are wheelchair accessible (heavy mulch).  No bathrooms are located on site; accessible bathrooms are available at the Red Hook library, across the street.

* *A Note on Names: in an effort to be more inclusive and knit together the work we do on both the farms, we are now referring to the Red Hook Community Farm as the Columbia Street Farm, and the NYCHA farm as the Wolcott Street Farm. Same farms, more love!