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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Volunteer, Internship and Employment Opportunties at Added Value

Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

Our seed orders are in and our crop plans are complete. Last years teens are in touch (and awaiting their second year of programming) and we are planning recruitment for the coming season. And in this year, in 2009 Added Value is going to be digging deep.

As we look around the globe we see a dramatic recession, we hear news of civil society pushing governments to place the needs of people in front of the needs of major corporations. We see hunger on the rise in our neighborhood, in our city and throughout the world.

In spite of these stark realities and inspired by the creative and hopeful work of people and communities we are forging ahead in efforts to build a stronger, healthier, more just and sustainable Red Hook. We are reaching out to each of you and inviting you to join us. This year we will be focused on growing a strong network of neighbors and allies engaged with and excited about food justice, community based economics, youth empowerment and the sustainable development of Red Hook.

We will double our CSA and strengthen our partnerships with local businesses.
We will expand volunteer opportunities on the Farm and throughout the neighborhood. We will support the great work being done here in Brooklyn, throughout the City and beyond.

Please consider joining us! Below you will find a list of specific opportunities to engage with us in the coming months. If these do not fit your life style or the opportunities do not resonate with you please keep your eyes open for additional announcements that will come your way in the next month.
Additionally, if you know people who you think would like to take advantage of these opportunities please spread the word that we are looking for folks to join us in this exciting work.

Motivated by the power of the sun and the potential of the young,

The Added Value Team

Volunteer Opportunities
After reviewing the volunteer positions, please send an email indicating your interest and general availability to support at Added Value.

Office Assistant
We are seeking as many as four people who can support us with volunteer engagement and communication, engage in community outreach. Lite office work

Minimum Commitment: 4hrs a week

Brooklyn Healthy Food Campaign / Food Summer
In the past year a number of successful campaigns were launched to increase participation in the Food Stamps program and their utilization at Farmers’ Markets. Help us and the rest of our city make this summer even better

Minimum Commitment 1 Day a week for 10 weeks

Community Composting
Added Value is looking for 3-4 people who are interested in helping advance our community composting initiatives and learning about how to build a more sustainable food system. Bring your dirty cloths and your creativity to the Farm Commitment: 4hrs a week for 3months

Red Hook Movies in the Parks: Over the past three years Added Value has joined Brooklyn Greenways Initiative, the Red Hook Community Justice Center, Big Productions, and the Partnerships For Parks in hosting a summer film series in our community. Help organize the series and host the events at Red Hook Community Farm.

Minimum Commitment: 10hrs a month beginning in June

Community Outreach
In the next six weeks there will be four food and farming conferences here in New York City and dozens of other community forums and political meetings that will be held throughout the Spring and Summer. Immerse yourself in the movement, meet like minded people from through the borough.
Help recruit volunteers, educate the public and Added Value at these community events by tabling at these conferences.

Minimum Commitment 6-8 hours per month

The Red Hook Community Farm receives requests for orientation and advice from 3-4 organizations a week and sometimes from as many as a dozen individuals who walk onto the farm on a given day. Help educate the public about our work and introduce them to the basics of urban agriculture by leading tours of the Farm.

Minimum commitment 6-8 hours per month

For internships and paid positions please follow the appropriate links below to full job descriptions. Upon review of the job please send resume and cover letter to employment@added-value with the title of the position you are interested in the subject heading.

Stipended Internships:

Farm Based Learning Interns
We are currently looking for 4 engaged and excited individuals who would like to support our farm based learning initiatives which include the Farm TO Classroom program at PS 15, our Seed-To-Salad program at PS 27 and the Brooklyn New School, and our One Time Visits. We will orient you to our curricula, the principals of our educational philosophy and in turn you will partner with teachers as they engage students in food exploration, food preparation and farming.

Minimum Commitment 8hours a week for 14 weeks stipend 200 a month

Farm Based Learning Intern Job Description (pdf)

Farm Interns
Added Value is seeking Five Farm Interns. If you interested in learning about and contributing to the development of our local food system, if you like working outside with your hands and deploying your heart in the service of growing a more sustainable Red Hook then join us. We are asking you to commit a 25-30hrs a week. 12-14 of those hours will be spent working the farm, another 8 of those hours will be spent working on special projects including Restaurant Partnerships, CSA Membership, and youth empowerment programming, we will also commit to you have time each week to meet with each other, to meet with staff, to reflect, write and learn.

Minimum Commitment: 25-30hrs a week for a minimum of 14 weeks, though preference will be given to those able to commit to the full 8 month season.
Compensation 1,000 a month

Farm Intern Job Description (pdf)

Salaried Positions

Farm Educator
We are looking for an experienced educator who is excited to and inspired by the idea of working with 3-4 colleagues to deliver an eight week curricula for two of our local elementary schools. Responsibilities would include communication with schools personnel, orient, train and supervise assistant farm educators and coordinate school field trips. This is currently a
3 month position, though we anticipate it expanding to it during the summer and transitioning to fulltime in the Fall, and year-round in 2010.

Commitment: Part-Time 26hrs a week 1,250 – 1,500 per month depending on experience

Farm Educator Job Description (pdf)

Special Events Consultant: Over the course of the season Added Value is planning to host and participate in a series of on farm dinners and festivals to raise awareness and much needed funds for the organization. These will include informal dinner conversations hosted by our restaurant partners, large scale farm dinners, and possibly the Harvest Festival. Rate to be negotiated based on experience and revenue generated.